The International Festival of Vanishing Tastes will be held on the 6th-8th of June in Alacati.

2014 PWA Windsurfing World Cup Calendar Announced

The 2014 PWA Windsurfing World Cup calendar has just been announced. Windsurf in Rosas, Costa Brava- Spain, Sotavento, Gran Canaria, Alacati - Turkey and NEW Tenerife and Bonaire.

Alacati Kite Festival (15th Apr 2014)

Every year in the resort of Alacati, adults and children get together for the annual kite festival. Supported by the local council, this is a chance for professionals and amateurs to show off their kite flying skills.The official date for April 2014 has not yet been announced but further details will be published on the official site as soon as they are confirmed. This day is all about having fun and it is not a competition. Onlookers are more than welcome.

Alaçatı’s festival to offer chance to taste herb foods

The small Aegean town of Alaçatı is hosting its 3rd annual Herbs Festival, which aims to expose and introduce the cultural richness and the nature of the town The purpose of the festival is to expose and introduce the natural and cultural richness of Alaçatı. Restaurants will have stands at which to exhibit their food specialties.

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